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E 115 is an introductory course that all incoming College of Engineering students (first year, transfer, etc.) are required to complete. It is also a required co-requisite (can be taken before or at the same time) for all CSC 1** courses. This course's purpose is to better prepare students for using the computing and technology resources of the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University. 

What should you expect about the flow of the E 115 course?

  • Taught by trained undergraduate lab instructors
  • Each week guided lab and independent assignments will be completed independently
  • Regular reading assignments will be completed independently 

E 115 is a credit-only course, meaning students cannot earn a letter grade but instead either Pass ("S") or Fail ("U"). Students can choose to take the course at any time as it is available in the Fall, Spring, and 10 week Summer sessions. E 115 is offered as an eight-week Online (think hybrid, not Distance Education) in the Spring and Fall semesters. Over the Summer, E 115 is typically only offered in person via a 10 week summer course. 

Students who feel they have complete knowledge of the class prior to taking the E 115 course may choose to take an official Credit By Exam for E 115 that is offered by the Computer Science Department. 

To receive credit for the course students must do one of the following:

  • Receive at least 70% on the Credit by Exam
  • Obtain at least 700 out of 1000 possible points using the point system throughout a regular semester

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