E 115 Course Textbook

This is the E 115 Course Textbook, you must have javascript enabled to view the textbook properly.  These pages are required reading for the entirety for E 115 - Introduction to Computing Environments.  Please use the left sidebar to navigate through the textbook pages.  Updates are usually made to this textbook at the end of every semester, if you find any problems in the textbook, or would like to see some information added, fill out the Textbook Errors and Additions Form. You must be logged in to OrgSync to fill out the form.

Learning Outcomes

  • Have knowledge of all resources afforded to you by the University
  • Know the difference between commonly used Operating Systems
  • Understand and use basic and more advanced UNIX commands
  • Have a basic understanding of how to use spreadsheet software
  • Be able to create basic webpages using HTML code
  • Be able to style your webpages using CSS Stylesheets
  • Understand the different types of network relationships
  • Know what each type of computer port is and what it is used for

Textbook Chapters:

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If there is a problem with the information in the textbook, or you would like to see an addition of information, fill out the Textbook Errors and Additions Form.

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