This page is to serve as a resource for inspiration of educators, makers, students, and the broader community.  We welcome ideas for additions to this list.  These are in addition to the opportunities posted in our news feed includes contests, funding opportunities, and relevant local events. The opportunities posted, in total, have had prizes worth millions of dollars.

For Educators

See the "educators" page.

Campus Groups

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NCSU Craft Center - fee-based; classes and equipment for pottery, sculpture, photography, woodworking, fiber arts, lapidary, glass, jewelry.

NCSU Garage - They mainly support entrepreneurial ventures, rather than general technical experimentation.  A great supplement to our resources, particularly if you want to turn a project into a business.

NCSU OpenDesign Lab - is an electrical lab and equipment (less interdisciplinary, organizes no workshops or outreach); We are seeking advisor approval to merge with them.

NCSU Libraries (esp. Hunt Library) - offers free, short-term checkout of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other technology (cameras, tablets, laptops, etc)

NCSU Hunt Library "Makerspace" - a campus 3d printing service (and with other related technologies like laser cutting and 3d scanning).  Library staff operate equipment to produce parts using digital files that you provide.  Has occasional workshops teaching 3d printing.

Other Relevant Groups

FabLab Directory - closest is FabLab Carolinas in Durham

Hackerspace Directory - closest is SplatSpace in Durham

Makerspace Directory - Geared more for K-12 students.  None listed in NC.

TechShop Directory - TechShop RDU is closest (but student membership is $700/yr or $75/mo) Closed in Spring 2013

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