Server Space for Organization Websites

There are two ways for student groups to obtain webspace for their organizations.

  • Through OrgSync, each organization in the NC State Organization Network has access to unlimited webspace.
  • Through the Office of Information Technology at NC State, organizations can be granted space to create a website.

OrgSync Webspace

All student organizations have the access to unlimited webspace in the OrgSync organization portal.  The administrator of your organization's portal has the ability to authorize your webmaster to create and maintain your website.  Just log into OrgSync and click on Website.  If you do not see the option on your navigation bar, you will need to enable the website module through the group permissions.

University Webserver

Information Technology grants currently registered Student Organizations a free 20mb volume within OIT's webserver's AFS filespace.

To request this filespace the president or advisor of the student organization must send an email to Web Services at This request must include the name of the organization and may include the UNITY/EOS user ID's of up to two people who will be responsible for:

  1. Placing the documents online
  2. The contents of those documents

**The Webmaster will check your organization's registration to ensure that the current president/advisor has requested access. Make sure that your organization's registration is up to date with the SORC before contacting the Webmaster.**

Once your URL has been established you may include this information in your organization profile.

Obtaining access to your website on the NC State Server

A website starting with is hosted on the NC State server. Access to websites hosted by NC State can be requested only by the student listed as the president or advisor of the student organization. (See organization directory on the SORC website).

To determine who is listed as the current president of your organization, go to the SORC homepage at and select “Browse for Organizations”. Search for your organization by name, click on the name of your organization, determine if the current president and advisor is listed in the directory. If the information you find is not correct, please go to the “org info” tab and then the “registration” tab for renewal instructions.

To modify who has administrative access to your website the president or advisor should send an email to requesting the change. Be sure to include the URL of your website and the name and Unity ids’ of no more than 2 individuals who should have administrative access. Your unity id is the beginning of your NCSU email address, not your numeric student id.